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This Blog, created in May 2012, is something of a family affair.  So far, I have originated most of the content.  I am Patrick Skinner, “officially” retired.  Since 1950 I have been a writer of various sorts… film publicist, public relations consultant, cook book author, journalist and publisher.  I love writing, though I have never felt I am a good writer.  The famous film producer John Boulting (of Boulting Brothers fame) once paid me the compliment: “You write such bullshit, Patrick – but it such good bullshit”.

My tasks have long been aided and sometimes abetted  by my companion, friend and wife of nearly 40 years, Mary, who provides a commentary of quality and keen  observation on what we eat and drink, where we travel, stay and what and whom we encounter en route.  She is also an excellent writer and editor.

The site has been designed and created and is maintained by daughter Susanna, a busy e-publishing executive, who also does a neat job on websites. During our 21-year sojourn in Cyprus she built our previous website (The Cyprus Gourmet – now under new management), which received a lot of acclaim and I am happy to say quite a few of the items we put together are to be found here on Eastward Ho!

Patrick Skinner           Mary           Susanna Skinner


Using the word beloved of so many sportsmen and women, “hopefully”, our objective is to entertain and (just a bit) inform and enlighten the reader.  It is also to find food, drink, places to stay or visit, products and services of quality and especially value-for-money, and to comment upon them here.  This is a consumer-driven blog, because we are dedicated to helping the customer – you, me, all us – get a better deal.

Please help us make this a real market-place for opinions and comments by telling us your pet likes and dislikes, your dining and shopping experiences, your memorable meals and recipes. 


There are two main sections:

The SuffolkEater …  Reviews of restaurants, hotels, products, services, shops & supermarkets; “Memorable” Meals’, Opinions – mine, yours and other peoples’; Recipes: Food and Wine Writing.

Mediterranean Musings …  Cypriot and Mediterranean Recipes; Cyprus Wines; “Village Voice” – rural life in Cyprus; Memories of People and Places around the Mediterranean and the Middle East.



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