Steamed Sea Bass with Fresh Ginger and Spring Onions.



A nice lunch or light evening meal   Something a little different with a rather oriental flavour. The nicest fish I know cooked this way is sea bass, but any good cut of firm white fish will give you a delightful and not rich, main dish. It helps to have a steamer, but if you haven’t, you can improvise by standing a suitable dish on top of a pan of simmering water and covering it.  My steamer came from M&S and it’s a beaut.



Ingredients for Four Servings

500 – 700 g filleted white fish, preferably Sea Bass

3 tbsp sliced or flaked almonds

6 – 8 Spring Onions (according to size) sliced thinly diagonally

1 2.5 cms /one-inch piece of fresh ginger, peeled, sliced and grated

1 des-sp of a light oil (sun-flower or groundnut)

Sprinkling of dark soy sauce and grindings of black pepper


1.    Slice lengthways some blanched and peeled almonds, (about 60 g). You can also use almond flakes. Turn them in a tiny drop of oil in a hot frying pan until they are lightly browned. Set aside

2.    Take the fish and lay inside your steamer top or on an oiled enamel or Pyrex dish.

3.    Spread the grated peeled ginger and sliced spring onions over the top.

4.    Sprinkle a little soy sauce and a dessert spoon of sunflower oil over and a few grindings of black pepper carefully over the top.

5.    Steam until the fish is cooked through, which should only take a few minutes according to type of fish.

6.    Transfer to a warm serving dish and sprinkle the toasted almonds over the top.

7.    Serve with stir fried vegetables into which you have tipped and mixed some thin noodles cooked in fish stock (a vegetable stock cube would do).

Recipe from “Patrick Skinner’s Cyprus Kitchen”



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