In the “old days” (say fifty years and before) farmers used to keep a proportion of the flocks of their sheep for several years. They would produce several lambs in this time. After which they would be killed and eaten as “Mutton” (any animal of more than one year qualifies for this definition). This was […]

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Japanese Food – An Introduction


Years ago, when I was planning my first visit to Japan, my hosts informed me that in the week I would be there, Wednesday was a public holiday; what would I like to do?   Having boned up a bit on Japanese food through a wonderful TIME-LIFE book (“The Cooking of Japan”) I had noted that […]

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  After the turkey, ham, stuffing, bread sauce, roast spuds etc., went on their seasonal way, in the kitchen it’s been back to every-day fare. Aided by a vegetarian visitor or two, we have been having a break from meaty dishes and I created this recipe around part of a vegetable you often discard. Broccoli […]

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Marble Cheese Cake


This is a great and perennial favourite dessert at the InterContinental at Aphrodite Hills – an unusual and delicious cheesecake. Ingredients for 6 Servings 875 g cream cheese 200 g icing sugar 4 large eggs 200 g 70% dark chocolate melted 125 g icing sugar Method Preheat the oven to 210°C. In one mixing bowl, […]

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As I write the rain is spilling down and the wind almost blowing a gale, to the point where I am wondering how much further the neighbour’s silver birch tree can bend over.  But there must be some summer on the way sometime, so I thought I’d pick out some very good party or buffet/starter […]

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Omelette Arnold Bennett


Recipe from “Patrick Skinner’s Cyprus Kitchen”, illustrated by Alyana Cazalet Allegedly the invention of novelist and long-time London "Evening Standard" theatre critic, Arnold Bennett, in the 1920’s, and to be found to this day on the menus of clubs and restaurants around Fleet Street. It is a splendidly rich and tasty concoction. Ingredients for 3-4 […]

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