Courgettes Persillées


This quick recipe is one a friend and I invented one night, and gives a new slant to baby marrows. COURGETTES PERSILLÉES — 4 Servings Take four courgettes and coarsely grate them. Very finely chop two cloves of garlic and 2-3 good sprigs of parsley. Add to the grated courgettes and mix in. Sprinkle with […]

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Courgettes with Onions, Tomatoes and Potatoes


VEGETABLES FROM MARKET TO TABLE Although I am not a vegetarian, a lot of vegetables are consumed in our house. And I love them, and devising new ways of cooking them. It’s not the huge, clone-like unblemished tomato, aubergine, cucumber or courgette you see in supermarkets that fascinate me — it’s the natural, home-grown sometimes […]

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Cypriot Eggplant Parmesan


Recipe – by Matthew Stowell      Originally posted September 2009 As the name indicates, this is a Cypriot version of the classic Italian dish. When I was a cook in Boston, Eggplant Parmesan was one of my favourite dishes to make and, of course, enjoy at the table with a glass of Chianti or, before it […]

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Cyprus Gourmet – February 25th. 2015


ALL GREEK TO ME, with a NISTISSIMA (Fasting) touch Greece’s economic plight is widely discussed and I hear “Tut Tuts” about the profligacy and irresponsibility of those in charge there. Especially the Teutonic “Tut Tuts” coming from Germany. It brought back memories of driving around Peloponnesus a few years back and talking to one of […]

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FRANCE IS GREAT… What, again?


     Inspired by my recent purchase of a big book of French recipes called “SIMPLISSIME”, I have been (figuratively speaking) wearing my big French Toque on a daily basis. Aspects of France – and the French – may annoy us, but it has to be generally agreed that they are very good at the cooking. […]

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  This issue of “Cyprus Gourmet”  was  published on Wednesday April 1st.  No fooling! Many of my readers will remember John Wood from his days as general manager of the Le Meridien Hotel, Limassol. That was when he and I crossed paths quite frequently: wine tastings, the annual Beaujolais Nouveau bash (I thought Le Meridien’s […]

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